iWall 8K106
1- Pure-hardware, support 24x7 working.
2- Supports point-to-point low latency: from the input to the output latency <30ms. 3- The power consumption is as low as 40W, and the noise is <40dB. 4- Supports custom output resolutions, with more than 8 million pixels. 5- Supports input 4K@60Hz or 8K@30Hz ultra -high-definition signals. 6- Supports output 2K ultra-high-definition signal. 7- Built-in audio de-embedding. 8- The device output ports synchronized automatically without any latency. 9- A single unit can output up to 6 HDMI HD signals. 10- A single unit can input up to 1 HDMI UHD signal. 11- Supports both landscape and portrait video walls. 12- Supports cascading.


The iWall 8K106 supports true 8K UHD 4:4:4 video input and 1080P FHD outputs. It supports both landscape and portrait screens.


Multiple units of the iWall 8K106 controllers can be cascaded for large-scale videowall.


The iWall 8K106 supports audio de-embedded.


Model iWall 8K106
Features UHD signal input and 2K outputs, videowall, audio extract.
Dimensions 277*185*35mm
Cascade Supports
Weight 3KG
Consumption 40W
Single unit resolutions: Landscape 1*1 1920*1080@60Hz   1*2 3840*1080@ 60Hz
1*3 5760*1080@60Hz   1*4 7680*1080@ 60Hz
2*1 1920*2160@60Hz   2*2 3840*2160@ 60Hz  
2*3 5760*2160@30Hz   3*1 1920*3240@ 30Hz 
3*2 3840*3240@30Hz   4*1 1920*4320@30Hz 
5*1 1920*5400@30Hz   6*1 1920*6480@25Hz
Single unit resolutions: Portrait 1*1 1920*1080@60Hz  1*2 3840*1080@60Hz
1*3 5760*1080@60Hz  1*4 7680*1080@60Hz
2*1 1920*2160@60Hz  2*2 3840*2160@60Hz  
2*3 5760*2160@30Hz  3*1 1920*3240@30Hz 
3*2 3840*3240@ 30Hz 4*1 1920*4320@ 30Hz 
5*1 1920*5400@30Hz  6*1 1920*6480@ 25Hz
INPUT 1x HDMI 2.0, supports 7680*4320P@30Hz, 3840*2160P@60Hz, backward compatible.
OUTPUTS 6x HDMI 1.3, maximum support 1920*1080P@60Hz, customizable resolution.
Power supply DC 12V / 3A
Operating temp. Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
Working humidity Relative humidity: 10% to 90% without condensation


  • iWall 8K106 User Manual V2.0.pdf

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