INFOBIT iCam VB60 USB Conference Camera Auto Tracking

iCam VB60 All in One Conference Camera Video Bar

118° FOV

4K@30fps UHD video call

Speaker Tracking, Auto Framing, and Close-up Group View

5-element Omnidirectional microphones

Outstanding speaker quality tuned for both phone calls and music

Noise-suppression/ Echo Cancellation/ AGC

Effective pickup distance up to 5 meters, full-duplex technology brings clear and uninterrupted calls

Absolutely echo-free and fine-tuned for various acoustic environments

Daisy chain with max. 4pcs iSpeaker M500 to adapt to all sizes of the conference room

Plug & Play, connect to PC via USB

Note* The iCam VB60 does NOT come with iSpeaker M500, which needs to be purchased separately.

All-in-One Video Bar

HF Speaker, Beam Forming Microphone and USB Camera
all-in-one design. Dedicated to your huddle and small
meeting rooms.

Hassle-free setup, plug and play

The VB60 is designed for ease of access and the maximum user experience.
It is easy to install, and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems,
offering the simple USB connectivity and expansion options.

Outstanding Sound Experience

Full frequency Hi-Fi loudspeaker, professional, acoustics design, reduce noise interference, provide outstanding sound effect.
Its beamforming microphones cover an 5m range, ample for any huddle room. No matter how far away everyone is, it will sound
like they are in the same room.

Speaker/ Voice Tracking

INFOBIT advanced Speaker/Voice Tracking technology intelligently focuses on the person
who is talking- even if they move around the room.

Automatic Framing

Embedded with INFOBIT Auto-Framing technology, the VB60 automatically
frames all meeting participants, adjusting the camera zoom, pan, and focus
to fit everyone on-screen. Everybody on the video call can see the important details—
right down to body language and facial expressions.

4K video

The 4K camera supports up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160/ 30Hz) video capture;
the USB3.0 supports maximum 4K UHD video transmission as well.

Super Wide FOV

5x Zoom, 118° FOV, ePTZ. Super wide field of view, lower distortion, integrated with ePTZ.

Daisy Chained with iSpeaker M500

Daisy chain with max. 4pcs iSpeaker M500 via ethernet cable to adapt to all sizes of the conference room

Close-up View

It automatically detect the participants by the intelligent AI technology, then split and highlight each person's face in the gallery view mode no matter how far you are sitting.


Camera Spec F/1.8 aperture 
4K Video Output 
Diagonal FOV 118° 
Horizontal FOV 107° 
Vertical FOV 70° 
Automatic White Balance and Exposure 
2.26mm Fixed Focus 
Video Spec  4K@30fps 
16:9 Aspect Ratio 
Digital PTZ 
Prests 2x
AI modes Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking, Closeup Group view, Panoramic view
AI submodes 1. Panoramic view
2. Speaker tracking: Delay 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds
3. Closeup Group: Up to 2, 4 or 6 windows
Speaker Spec Rated Power: 5W 
Speaker Frequency Response: 130Hz ~20kHz 
Speaker Volume: 96±3dB SPL @0dB 1kHz at 0.1m 
Audio Specs 5-element Omnidirectional Microphone Array
Voice Pickup Range: 5m 
Connection Mode USB Type-C, USB Version USB 2.0
Daisy Chain with iSpeaker M500 Up to 4x iSpeaker M500 via RJ45 cable
Size 570mm * 81mm * 77mm 
Input 48V 1.35A


  • INFOBIT iCam VB60 User Manual V1.0.pdf

    13.5M 10-11-2021
  • iCam VB60 Datasheet V1.0.pdf

    0.15M 10-11-2021

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