1. Cable Wired Gooseneck Dante microphone
2. Supercardioid single pointing
3. Capacitive
4. POE power supply
5. Frequency response: 100HZ-16khz
6. SNR: 65dB, 1 kHz
7. Power consumption: 1.5W
8. Output interface: standard Ethernet interface, RJ45
9. DANTE network: 100 Mbps or above CAT5 or CAT6 network
10. Power supply: PoE IEEE 802.3AF standard
11. Power supply mode: POE
12. Size of microphone rod: 42cm
13. Pick up distance: 10-50cm
14. Microphone sensitivity: -40dB

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The iSpeaker MD20 is a desktop Internet microphone with Dante function. Using the PoE network connection, it provides a high quality sound pickup scheme with low latency and simple wiring.


Model iSpeaker MD20
Name Dante Desktop Internet Microphone
Frequency Response 100Hz ~ 16kHz
SNR 65dB, 1 kHz
Consumption 1.5W
Output interface RJ45
Dante network 100Mbps above CAT5 or CAT6 
Power PoE IEEE802.3af standard 
Power Supply PoE
Microphone sensitivity -40dB
Pickup distance 10-50cm
Microphone rod size 42cm


  • iSpeaker MD20 Datasheet V1.0.pdf

    0.22M 09-03-2022

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