iTrans DB-22W
1- Supports converting Bluetooth or 2-channel RCA stereo audio into Dante digital signal
2- Powered by PoE and installed in a standard 86 box.
3- Connect to mobile phone, iPad and other devices through the Bluetooth interface
4- The main applicable scenarios include conference calls, audio media transmission, etc.
5- Support Bluetooth 5.0
6- Support Dante and AES67.
Note: The Bluetooth and RCA don’t work simultaneously, the Bluetooth connection is priority.

Dante Audio

Converting Bluetooth or 2-channel RCA stereo audio into Dante Audio.


Model iTrans DB-22W
Name Dante 2CH Bluetooth Adapter
Bluetooth 2 Channels In
Dante/ AES67 2 Channels Out
Stero Audio IN RCA 2x
Max. Input Level 12dBu
Sampling Rate 44.1/48KHz
Bit 24bit
THD+N 10.005%/ 1kHz+4dBu
Dante/ AES67 delay <2ms
Power Class 1 802.3 af PoE
Consumption 2W
Input SNR >100dB
Dimension 86x86x40mm


  • INFOBIT iTrans DB-22W User Manual V1.0.pdf

    2.17M 28-02-2024

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