1. Compact design, easy to use, support hot-swappable.
2. Conversion between analog audio and Dante digital audio signals.
3. Built-in 2 input audio channels.
4. Extend audio, control, Ethernet, and power with Cat cable.
5. One network cable instead of multiple analog or multi-core cables, it is economical, efficient and versatile.
6. Extend uncompressed high-quality audio signals with near-zero delay.
7. Safe and reliable transmission of high-quality two-channel audio
8. Supports Dante software, which can easily expand and configure network and audio routing.
9. It supports PoE

All Dante

The iTrans DX-T-22 Analog Adapters let you use your favorite analog audio gear with any Dante- connected system, delivering the interoperability, performance and scalability that only networking can bring. Cost effective, compact and built for the road, it brings the modern network connectivity that every audio pro needs in their toolbox.

Analog Input

Connect legacy mixers and consoles to a Dante network.
Patch favorite DSPs, analog compressors and equalizers into a Dante system using a combination of Input and Output adapters.
Connect stage DI boxes and keyboard instruments directly to a Dante network.
Connect your wireless mic receiver to a Dante network


Model iTrans DX-T-22
Name 2CH XLR to Dante Analog Transmitter
Channel 2 ch analog  Inputs, 2 ch Dante  output
Maximum signal level (balanced) +18dBu / +4dBu / 0dBu
0dBV /-10dBV
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz (-/+0.5dB)
Bit depth  24 bit 
Impedance 20k Ohm(Balanced);   10k Ohm(unbalanced)
Dynamic Range > 100dB
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio)  > 100dB
THD (total harmonic distortion) < 0.01%(+4dBu)
Connector 1x RJ45 and 2x XLR-F
Power Supply Class 1 802.3af PoE
 Sampling rate 44.1, 48, 96 kHz
Latency Depending on the configuration on the device or network, 1 ms (default) 
Network transmission Dante IP AES67 RTP audio
Weight  Gross Weight: 0.75KG
Dimension  4.92 x 1.30 x 1.10 inch/ 125 x 33 x 28 mm (L x W x H) 
Power consumption  2 Watts 
Operation temperature  0~50OC [32~122F] 
Storage temperature  -20~60OC [-4~140F] 
Relative humidity  20~90% RH [no condensation] 


  • INFOBIT iTrans DX-T-22 Datasheet-V1.0.pdf

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  • INFOBIT AV DX-T-22 Quick Guide-V1.0.pdf

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