iWall 209
2x9 HDMI 4K60 18Gbps Video Wall Controller
HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compliant
Support multi-resolution up to 3840x2160@60Hz video output for video wall
Support Bezel Compensation with two modes
Support 2 channels HDMI loop out
Support PIP on video wall
Support 180º rotation
Support RS-232 and TCP/IP control
Support CEC control with displayers by PC Tool or commands

Matrix or Videowall modes

The iWall 209 supports 2x9 matrix switching mode or 9-screen videowall displaying.



Model iWall 209
Name 2×9 HDMI 4K60 18Gbps Video Wall Controller
HDMI Compliance HDMI 2.0
HDCP Compliance HDCP 2.2/ 1.4
RS-232 Baud rate: 57600, data bit: 8, Stop bit: 1, no parity
Video Input Resolutions 1024×768@60, 1280×800@60, 1280×1024@60,
1280×960@60, 1360×768@60, 1366×768@60,
1440×900@60, 1400×1050@60, 1600×900@60,
1600×1200@60, 1680×1050@60, 1920×1200@60,
480p@60, 576p@50, 720p@50, 720p@60, 1080i@50,
1080i@60, 1080p@24, 1080p@25, 1080p@30, 1080p@50
1080p@60, 3840×2160@24, 3840×2160@25,
3840×2160@30, 3840×2160@50, 3840×2160@60,
4096×2160@24, 4096×2160@30, 4096×2160@50,
Audio Format 2.0 channel, 5.1 channel, LPCM, Dolby, AC3, DTS
ESD Protection Human-body Model:
±8kV (Air-gap discharge) , ±4kV (Contact discharge)
Input ports 2x HDMI Type A [19-pin female]
Output ports 9x HDMI Output Type A [19-pin female]
2x HDMI Loopout Type A [19-pin female]
2x Stereo Output [3-pin phoenix port]
1x L/R 3.5mm
Control interfaces 1x LAN
2x RS-232 [3-pin phoenix port
Housing Metal Enclosure 
Color Black 
Dimensions 430mm (W) × 220mm (D) × 44mm (H) 
Weight 5kg 
Power Supply 110-220V AC
Operating Temperature  0°C ~ 40°C / 32°F ~ 104°F 
Storage Temperature  -20°C ~ 70°C / -4°F ~ 158°F 
Relative Humidity 10~50% RH (non-condensing) 


  • iWall 204-209-PC tool V3.0.002.zip

    0.25M 09-03-2023
  • iWall 209 User Manual_V1.3.pdf

    33.45M 11-07-2023

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