The iTrans USB2-TR80 is a USB2.0 extender kit, supporting PoC, RS232 and K/M. It can extend the mouse and keyboard to 80 meters distance through the network cable; ideal for working with USB cameras, microphones, printers, USB disks, mobile hard drives, etc.

1- 4 port USB 2.0 extender, 80m
2- With RS232
3- Support PoC, 12V2A power supply
4- Works with all brands of USB cameras, microphones, speakerphones
5- Supports KVM



Item Description
Power DC 12V1A PoC (Recommended to supply power at the Rx end when storage devices are connected.)
Consumption <5W
USB interface USB 2.0
Cable interface Cat6, Cat5e
Extension distance Max. 80 meters (K/M);
Mobile hard disk/USB disk 60 meter
Working Mode Point to Point extension, long-distance control
Size 125mm*84mm*25mm
Working Temperature -5°C – + 75°C
Working Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH (Non-condensing)

  • iTrans USB2-TR80 User Manual V1.1.pdf

    0.37M 08-11-2022

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