The wireless charger transmitter is compatible with Qi-standard devices.

Charging distance up to 33mm maximum, can be installed below the wood, marble, glass, and acrylic desktop.

It supports QI wireless charger mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, MI, etc.

Match with the Receiving Coil for a better charging experience.

Ideal for Meeting Room, Hotel, Bars, Restaurant, etc.

No Damage Installation

Tools-free installation just finished in less than 5 minutes by the 4 easy steps.

Works Through All Non-metallic Materials

It is compatible with most of the table materials.

Exclusive Coil

Stronger magnetic field strength.
Better charging experience.
Smaller size & volume.

Fast Charge Wireless Charger

The INFOBIT iMeeting now offers an outstanding and safe fast charge wirelessly protecting you and your battery.

Super cooling technology

Clean up your desk in style

Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse...
Is the only wire on your desk coming from your wireless charger?
iMeeting fits anywhere on your desk, invisibly.

Get your meeting room real hassle-free

You can keep your wireless charger away from plain sight, allowing you to charge phones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets by simply setting them down right in line with where the charger is installed underneath!

Long Range Wireless Charger

Our long-distance wireless charger can wirelessly charge up to a breathtaking 33mm distance.


Model iMeeting W330
Name Long Distance Wireless Charger
Input 29V 1A
Wireless Output 10W/7.5W/5W
Charging Distance 15-33mm (coil to coil)
Charging Area 20mm
Working Frequency 125-135kHz
Dimension 13.6x12x2.1 cm
Protection FOD, OTP, OVP, OCP
Material ABS+PC
Color Black


  • iMeeting W330-User Manual-V1.0.pdf

    1.12M 14-03-2022

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