LCD Video Wall
  • iWall-HD55-C
    iWall HD55 55” LCD FHD Video Wall

    1- Ultra-narrow bezels: The iWall HD55 LCD display features a thin-profile design and a screen-to-screen bezel width of as little as 3.5mm. This design minimizes the appearance of “seams” on the video wall, creating an immersive visual experience.
    2- Complete interfaces, digital loop-through: Supports HDMI and DVI input ports, suitable for various application scenarios.
    3- Built for easy serviceability: Our advanced architecture enables the power supply and electronics to be housed in an easily serviceable equipment rack, minimizing service disruption and noise.
    4- RS232 Loop: With RJ45 RS232 in/out ports, easy to connect the central controller.

    3.5mm Ultra-narrow bezels
    Supports HDMI and DVI input ports
    Built for easy serviceability
    RS232 Loop: With RJ45 RS232 in/out ports